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Contact: Mark Stammers

Phone: mobile: 07774026169


Making and exhibiting large and small paintings, public art, sculpture and assemblages, that reveal traits of psychological or philosophical significance, reflected and brought to realisation and imaginative insight, spoken in the language of colour and shape. Born in Surrey, discovering craft's in father's workshop and art from local artists, transferring to the Midlands to study a degree in civil engineering, instead friendships and strong interest led to a return to art & painting while at college, in the early days inspired by abstract art, philosophical enquiry and the existential. Thus making questioning painting and art, often coming from the unusual poetic resonances found in events and objects of day to day living, relating beyond identity, people & place to boundaries of the mind. Serving a long apprenticeship to colour and meaning:
Affinities with Zen and the Tao, art relating to a super consciousness of time space & energy signing the eternal.

Commissioned for: public, community & corporate artworks & residencies - paintings, murals and sculpture; also offering tutoring & workshops including photography and digital media at all levels of ability.
Accepts public and private commissions, projects and exhibitions, working in collaboration to achieve new, innovative and forward looking art.

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Titles of images shown above: Over Above Mount Jeru: Motional Figure: From the Wall of Light Blue.

If you would like to know more please CONTACT for further details, or enquires about exhibitions, commissions or purchases.

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